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Staffa – The world leader in Low Speed, High Torque (LSHT) motor technology.



More Staffa motors are in operation around the globe than any competing brand in industrial, mobile and marine machinery.
While the basic design of the Staffa motor has been around for over 40 years, continuous technical advancements and improvements are being made by the research and development team to ensure that Staffa motors are at the forefront of LSHT radial piston motor technology.

HMB Series – Single Displacement Hydraulic Motors

The original Staffa radial piston motor.
Sizes include: HMB010 ~ HMB030 ~ HMB045 ~ HMB060 ~ HMB080 ~ HMB100 ~ HMB125 ~ HMB150 ~ HMB200 ~ HMB270 ~ HMB325 ~ HMHDB400
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HMC Series – Dual Displacement Hydraulic Motors

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HPC Series – Dual Displacement Hydraulic Motors

Enhanced version of the HMC series motor that incorporates special low friction components combined with crankcase flushing flow into its design in order to achieve increased shaft power capability
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HPC400 – 4 Speed Motor

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HMF – NEW 3 Speed Motor

Click here for Staffa HMF 3 speed motor catalogue / datasheet

HPB Series – High Power Motor

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Key Facts:

  • Kawasaki Precision Machinery (UK) Ltd. (KPMUK) are the manufacturer of Staffa hydraulic motors.
  • Staffa motors are built by KPMUK at their facility in Plymouth, Devon, England.
  • The low speed high torque Staffa units are available in both single displacement (HMB series) and dual displacement (HMC series) versions. Now there is a high power version of the HMC series, called the HPC series, which features several enhancements to significantly improve performance.
  • Sizes range from the HMB010 at 188cc/rev through to the HMHDB400 at 6800 cc/rev. HMC series motors start with the HMC030 through to the HMC325 and have a choice of displacements for the high and low range.
  • Output torques are available from 2.8 Nm/Bar to 172 Nm/Bar
  • Staffa motors are renowned for the excellent reliability. If properly maintained, not subjected to loads or stresses beyond their capability, and used with clean hydraulic oil, Staffa motors have been known to last over 25 years in service!

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We are factory appointed distributors for the range of Staffa motors offered by Kawasaki Precision Machinery UK Ltd. Offering high speed and low torque, Staffa motors are trusted worldwide to deliver exceptional performance and solid reliability.


Kawasaki hydraulic pumps lead the world in providing high pressure, low noise and compact solutions to meet the most demanding applications.

Ever since the introduction of axial piston pump technology in Germany in 1962, Kawasaki’s ongoing research and development programme has resulted in an ever-increasing range of products.


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