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We have a comprehensive range of new and refurbished Staffa motors in stock. If you cannot see the model that you are looking for please click here to send us an enquiry or email We can obtain Staffa motors quickly using the factory’s ‘Premier Build’ service, or we may be expecting a stock delivery soon.

Our Current Stock List

Reference Description Free Stock
HMB030/P/21 HMB030/P/21: Staffa Hydraulic Motor 2
HMB045/P/50 HMB045/P/50**: Staffa Hydraulic Motor 2
HMB080/S/S04/70 HMB080/S/S04/70 1
HMB080/S/FM3/70/PL975 HMB080/S/FM3/70/PL975: Staffa Hydraulic Motor *NOW USE PABC0A* 1
HMB100/P/S03/70 HMB100/P/S03/70: Staffa Hydraulic Motor 1
HMB100/S/FM3/70/PBC0D HMB100/S/FM3/70/PBC0D: Staffa Hydraulic Motor 1
HMB125/S3/S03/70 HMB125/S3/S03/70: Staffa Hydraulic Motor 1
HMB200/S4/S04/70 HMB200/S4/S04/70*: Staffa Hydraulic Motor 1
HMB200/S4/S04/70/PL22 HMB200/S4/S04/70/PL22: Staffa Hydraulic Motor 2
HMB200/S4/S04/70/PL925 HMB200/S4/S04/70/PL925: Staffa Hydraulic Motor 1
HMB270/S4/S04/70 HMB270/S4/S04/70: Staffa Hydraulic Motor 1
HMC200/S3/188/100/FM3/X/71/PL975 HMC200/S3/188/100/FM3/X/71/PL975: Staffa Hydraulic Motor 1
Reference Description Free Stock
K3VL80/B-1NLSM-L1 K3VL80/B-1NLSM-L1: Kawasaki Axial Piston Pump 1
K3VL80/B-1NRSM-L0/1-00 K3VL80/B-1NRSM-L0/1-00: Kawasaki Axial Piston Pump 1
K3VL80/B-1NRKM-P0/1-00 K3VL80/B-1NRKM-P0/1-00 : Kawasaki Axial Piston Pump 1
K3VL80/B-1NRSM-P0/1-E0 K3VL80/B-1NRSM-P0/1-E0: Kawasaki Axial Piston Pump 1
K3VL112/B-1BRKS-L0 K3VL112/B-1BRKS-L0: Kawasaki Axial Piston Pump 1
K3VL112/B-1NRKS-P0 K3VL112/B-1NRKS-P0: Kawasaki Axial Piston Pump 1
K3VL112/B-1NRKM-L0/1-00 K3Vl112/B-1NRKM-L0/1-00 Kawasaki 112cc/rev pump, L0 controller 2
K3VL112/B-1NLSM-P0/1-E0 K3VL112/B-1NLSM-P0/1-E0: Kawasaki Axial Piston Pump 1
K3VL140/B-1NLSM-L1 K3VL140/B-1NLSM-L1: Kawasaki Axial Piston Pump 2
K3VL140/B-1NLCM-L0 K3VL140/B-1NLCM-L0: Kawasaki Axial Piston Pumps 2
K3VL140/B-1NRKM-P0/1-E0 K3VL140/B-1NRKM-P0/1-E0: Kawasaki Axial Piston Pump 2
K3VL140/B-1NRSM-P0/1-H1 K3VL140/B-1NRSM-P0/1-H1: Kawasaki Piston Pump 1
K3VL200/B-1NRKM-P0 K3VL200/B-1NRKM-P0: Kawasaki Axial Piston Pump 1
K3VL200/B-1NLKM-L1 K3VL200/B-1NLKM-L1 : Kawasaki pump 200cc/rev 1
K3VLS105-1NLCCH-L1A K3VLS105-1NLCCH-L1A: Kawasaki Axial Piston Pump 2
K3VLS105-1ALCCH-L1A K3VLS105-1ALCCH-L1A: Kawasaki Axial Piston Pump 1
K3VLS105-1CCLCCH-L1A K3VLS105-1CCLCCH-L1A: Kawasaki Axial Piston Pump 1
K3VLS150-1NRCCH-L1A K3VLS150-1NRCCH-L1A – 105cc/rev Piston pump 2
Reference Description Free Stock
M3X530ACN-501A >M3X530ACN-501A: Kawasaki M3X530 Motor (Part No 37WXL501A) 2

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